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Andrea Smith, founder of The Thrive by Design Group, brings a unique perspective to the course, having experienced the struggles herself. This course is more than just content—it’s a community of like-minded women supporting each other through similar challenges to build a foundation for personal and professional growth.

Companies who invest in this course prioritize the well-being and career advancement of their female employees, fostering a culture that values female talent for overall success. It’s a win-win for women and the organizations they serve.

The Awaken Your SuperHERo Course - Unlock Your Inner Power, Potential, and Purpose to Thrive Rather Than Survive.

The Awaken Your SuperHERo Course, a 12-week transformative journey carefully crafted for women. Top female talent will join a small group of like-minded high-achieving women for 90 minutes each week and embark on a profound voyage to awaken their innate power, realize their boundless potential, embrace their true purpose—unleashing their inner SuperHERo.

Course Highlights

Module 1

Participants will explore the nuances of merely surviving, gaining the insights needed to recognize it in their lives.

Module 2

Individuals will discover the antithesis of surviving by envisioning the life they truly desire.

Module 3

The third module focuses on helping participants recognize and overcome societal pressures to fit in.

Module 4

Participants will understand the impact of societal expectations on women today.

Module 5

The fifth module is dedicated to identifying the factors driving the cycle of burnout in their lives.

Module 6

Participants will embark on a powerful transformational journey to unleash their inner SuperHERo.

Module 7

The seventh module will teach participants how to thrive by highlighting their unique strengths.

Module 8

Participants will learn how to protect their well-being by staying true to their core values.

Module 9

The ninth module focuses on aligning actions with one’s life purpose in order to thrive.

Module 10

Participants will discover their unique rhythm and create a sustainable, balanced life.

Module 11

The eleventh module will guide participants in setting and achieving meaningful goals that promote well-being.

Module 12

Participants will discover their unique rhythm and create a sustainable, balanced life.