The Results

“I had the incredible opportunity to participate in this thought-provoking course. The experience of holding the mirror up to ourselves, scrutinizing our actions, and contemplating how we can drive meaningful change was both enlightening and empowering. Being part of a cohort of inspiring women added an extra layer to the journey. The course leader was nothing short of amazing. Their guidance was instrumental in navigating the complexities of self-reflection and understanding the barriers that might be holding us back. What sets this course apart is its commitment to initiating positive change. It's not just about acquiring knowledge; it's about applying that knowledge to transform our lives and, by extension, the world around us.”
Rebecca M
Executive Coach and Human Resource Consultant
"As a working mother, I was drowning in the demands of multiple roles. Thrive by Design gave me the clarity and strategies to break free from burnout. Andrea's insights resonated deeply, and the camaraderie among course participants was uplifting. I've learned to embrace my rhythm, protect my values, and pursue my goals with renewed energy."
Kimberly C
" The "Awaken Your SuperHERo" course, led by Andrea, provides a supportive and challenging environment for like-minded females to reflect on burnout and personal growth. Personally, the course helped me recognize and address the burnout that I have been suffering over the past 12 months. The course offers a safe space for self-reflection. The program's pragmatic framework focuses on providing practical tools, without adding more to your plate. I highly recommend this course for busy women in performance-driven environments aiming to thrive. After 12 weeks, there's a guarantee of transformative results. It came at the right time for me, aligning with a recent promotion and providing clarity in life's chaos. This course is truly special, offering valuable insights for this one short, precious, and wild journey we call life. I'm grateful for everything it has done."
Josaphine H
General Manager Rugby Performance Hong Kong Rugby Union
" I recently completed a course on preventing burnout in women, and I can't express how inspiring and enlightening the experience was. The course not only provided valuable insights into managing stress and burnout, but it also fostered a strong sense of community among participants. The S.U.P.E.R model was helpful, and the group relationships formed during the course were invaluable, providing a supportive environment where we could share our experiences and strategies. I learnt so much from my fellow participants and I’m looking forward to seeing how each of us continue to flourish. I highly recommend this course to any woman looking to connect to their values and purpose whilst prioritizing self-care too to perform at their best. It's been a game-changer for me, and I'm grateful for the experience, insights, and connections it has brought into my life."
Caroline B
Managing Director